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New Year, Back in the 470!

After a packed Fall season, which included J80 Worlds in Annapolis (Win aboard Savasana), the ISAF World Cup Grand Final in Abu Dhabi (3rd), the Copa de Brazil (2nd), and a lot of 470 training, we are now back in the 470. This year is a key time for Dave and me to make the gains in the 470 that we need to be ready for a medal (Gold) finish at 2016 Olympics.

Planing Upwind in the Ocean off Miami Beach. Photo credit Mike Marshall.

Planing Upwind in the Ocean off Miami Beach. Photo credit Mike Marshall.

We just concluded a week of 470 training in the ocean off Miami Beach. The ocean off Miami Beach is easily my favorite place for sailing. The water is warm. The waves are big. And the wind always delivers a full range conditions. This week, we mostly saw light winds, which was great for technique development. On Thursday, we were put to the test with a physically trying 15-25 knot wind day. We need more days like this because it is essential for us to make strides in this condition. Nailing this condition will be key to consistent top finishes in the World Cup events. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this winter is a windy one (and the windy days are the days that we are training, which can be a bit of a lottery).

Looking to our long-term goals in the 470 – World Champs, Oct ’15 and the Olympics, Aug ’16 – the ocean is the right place to be sailing whenever we can. However, our most important event of the winter, Miami Sailing World Cup, will be held on Biscayne Bay in Miami, so we will soon be moving our training to the flatter water and gentler wind of this bay venue. Here, we will do our final regatta preparations, including more racing in practice, tuning adjustments for the flat water, and bringing ourselves ‘up’ mentally for the event.

The Miami Sailing World Cup is Jan 26-Feb 1. Click here for the event website.